2014-07-25 Michael RasmussenAdded lease maintainance monitor master
2014-07-25 Michael RasmussenSome minor fixes
2014-07-25 Michael RasmussenRefactor code. Features completed. Missing lease monitor
2014-07-25 Michael RasmussenChange settings
2014-07-23 Michael RasmussenFinish requst code. Implemented release code. Complete...
2014-07-23 Michael RasmussenAdapt to latest code
2014-07-22 Michael RasmussenAdded test scripts for server and client
2014-07-22 Michael RasmussenRemove unused var
2014-07-22 Michael RasmussenOptimized split function
2014-07-22 Michael RasmussenImplented config parser
2014-07-22 Michael RasmussenFix BNF
2014-07-22 Michael RasmussenFix BNF. Add example
2014-07-22 Michael RasmussenAllow comments in files
2014-07-21 Michael RasmussenBNF for leases file and config file
2014-07-21 Michael RasmussenInitial checkin
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